Business Tax Preparation

Growing Your Business

Small businesses get taxed twice on their profit:

  1. Income Tax

  2. Self-employment Tax (15.3%)

Pay the right amount of taxes, your fair share, but not more than you legally must pay. We can help you grow your business with annual tax planning.  You will get the personal attention you deserve.

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Personal Taxes

Saving Your Money

Every tax situation is different. We will assess your tax situation and provide advice to reduce your tax liability when possible. We serve clients in the greater Leland/Wilmington area.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning goals are to defer or avoid taxes by taking advantage of the existing tax-law provisions like applying tax deductions and/or  tax credits that are available under the IRS Tax Code. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to understand the importance of tax planning until they make a huge mistake and it costs them a fortune in deferral-able  or avoidable taxes. The trick is to plan ahead so you don’t learn this lesson the hard way. By seeking the advice of a Tax Professional before you pull the trigger on significant transactions or life events, you can save yourself from having to pay additional taxes.

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