COVID-19 Updates

Dear Clients,

I am happy to welcome you to my home office for in-person Tax Preparation. In-person meetings will include no more than 3 people (2 related clients and me). My Home Office is private and secure, and sanitized between in-person clients.

Options for those clients who will continue to Stay@Home:

Getting your 2020 taxes done without an in-person meeting.

  1. Drop-off your tax documents: Please notify me if you will be dropping off your taxes. I have a secure container on my front porch for your safety and convenience.
  2. Zoom meeting: For initial and review of taxes. I will send you a link as needed.
  3. Secure ShareFile: I can send you a link to securely upload your tax documents to a private folder that only you and I can access. Email me at to get that link.
  4. Email, Text or Fax your tax documents to me. Secure email –, Text – 910-616-9512, or Fax – 910-939-1398

NOTE: The filing and payment date for 2020 taxes has NOT been extended; Individual returns are due on April 15th, Partnerships and S-corporations are due on March 15th.